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CIA 3DS (Commonality & Integrity Analysis 3D Studio) is a tool developed by Autodesk for delivering and maintaining engineering data integrity across multiple stakeholders. It addresses all of the key components related to engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes in order to create a unified ‘single source of truth’ for the entire engineering ecosystem. It significantly reduces risk, cost and time to market for products and enables stakeholders to collaborate and make better-informed decisions.

What is CIA 3DS?

CIA 3DS is a comprehensive software suite designed to help design companies and their partners ensure accuracy and integrity of data throughout the engineering and manufacturing process. CIA 3DS regulates the storage, management, reproduction and manipulation of CAD (Computer Aided Design) data from all industry-leading solutions such as Pro/ENGINEER, Solidworks, CATIA, Inventor, etc. It serves as a ‘check gate’ for data integrity and provides a single, secure source of truth for data.

What Does CIA 3DS Do?

CIA 3DS provides a set of tools that enable stakeholders to manage the design process with greater efficiency and accuracy, reducing the risk of errors in the design process. It checks the validity, integrity and consistency of the design intelligence prior to leaving the design studio and before it is used in the manufacturing process. The key features and benefits of CIA 3DS include:

  • Data integrity throughout engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes.
  • A single source of truth for engineering data.
  • Data and parameter management.
  • Data analysis and visualization capabilities.
  • Passive element management.
  • Advanced audit trails.
  • Integration with existing systems and design processes.
  • Design intelligence verification.
  • Design performance optimization.

Benefits Of CIA 3DS

Using CIA 3DS provides several key benefits to design companies:

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy – CIA 3DS enables design teams to quickly identify and fix incorrect design intelligence, reducing the risk of costly errors in the manufacturing process.
  • Control over data – CIA 3DS provides users with complete control over their engineering data, ensuring that any changes to it are authorized and can be tracked.
  • Enhanced collaboration – CIA 3DS enables users to easily share and manage design intelligence with external partners and stakeholders, promoting collaboration.
  • Reduced time to market – CIA 3DS helps design teams streamline their workflow and reduce the time to market for their designs, providing a competitive edge in the market.

CIA 3DS And The Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, engineering data integrity is of particular importance due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. Automotive companies need to be able to track and manage all of the components of their vehicles in order to ensure accuracy and quality. CIA 3DS provides a comprehensive solution for managing engineering data and maintaining integrity in this highly complex industry. It provides automotive companies with a secure and reliable way to store and manage all of the data related to their vehicles, as well as verify and optimize design intelligence.

CIA 3DS And The Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one of the most challenging industries to manage when it comes to engineering data integrity. The industry requires a highly secure system to store and manage data due to the complexity of the components used in the design and manufacturing of aircraft. CIA 3DS provides a powerful and secure solution to manage engineering and manufacturing data, ensuring accuracy and quality control. It also enables aerospace companies and their partners to quickly and easily share and collaborate on data, reducing time to market for new projects.

CIA 3DS’s Impact On Engineering

CIA 3DS has had a significant impact on the engineering industry. It has revolutionized the way engineering teams design and manage engineering data, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. By providing a secure and reliable way to store data and share it with partners and stakeholders, it has enabled collaboration and increased time-to-market for product development projects. With its advanced analytics capabilities, CIA 3DS helps design teams to optimize the performance of their designs while providing the assurance of accuracy and integrity of their data.


CIA 3DS is a powerful tool for engineering companies and their partners. It brings together the key components of engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes in order to provide a single source of truth for data. It enables users to manage and share engineering data with greater efficiency and accuracy, reducing the risk of errors and optimizing the design of products. By providing a comprehensive solution for engineering data integrity, CIA 3DS has had a significant impact on the engineering industry.

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