How To Uninstall Cia Games 3Ds

Today’s technologically enabled world has made it possible for gaming enthusiasts to not just interact with each other but also to explore an array of 3D games on the Nintendo 3DS console. It is important to know how to uninstall Cia games 3DS in case you’re not satisfied with a game or want to free up some space in your device’s memory. This article will provide you with detailed information on what the CIA format is, the correct way of uninstalling CIA games 3DS, and the alternative methods of doing it to make sure your device remains safe from damage.

CIA games are files related to the 3DS console and come in .cia format. A CIA game can only be installed with a tool called FBI, which is only available for 3DS systems. The FBI can be used to download and install CIA files on the device and is an essential part of the process of uninstalling CIA games 3DS.

To safely and correctly uninstall CIA games 3DS, it’s important to follow the NSA app and the guidelines from the Nintendo 3DS Homebrew website. Firstly, the user must turn off the 3DS and boot it into FBI mode. After this, they should select the “delete” option and confirm their choice by selecting “yes”. This will delete the CIA file and free up the system’s memory. Note that all associated save data will also be removed when uninstalling CIA games 3DS.

Apart from using the FBI tool, there are other methods of uninstalling CIA games 3DS. Some users choose to uninstall games in the official Nintendo eShop. All you need to do is select the game you wish to delete, then select “Uninstall” and confirm. This will delete the game data and any save progress.

You can also use the homebrew app UnSAFE to uninstall CIA games 3DS. UnSAFE is a homebrew application specially designed to streamline uninstalling and installing 3DS games. The user needs to copy the CIA game to the UnSAFE folder in the SD card, launch the application, select “uninstall”, and confirm. This will delete not only the game itself but also any related save progress and/or updates.

Another alternative is to install a homebrew app called “Luma3DS”. This allows the user to delete the CIA file from the 3DS home screen and keep it from running on the device. To do this, the user must navigate to the CIA file and press the “X” button. This will remove the game from the device without leaving any trace it had been installed. It is important to note that any save progress associated to the game will still be available after uninstalling it using this way.

Pros and Cons

When uninstall is discussed, it is important to consider the pros and cons of the various methods of doing this. The FBI method of uninstalling CIA games 3DS is deemed the safest and the most reliable since it prevent erasure of save data. Moreover, it is the easiest method since it is integrated into the device itself.

However, the downside is that it cannot be used to uninstall games that were not downloaded from the Homebrew store. The other alternative methods are useful since they are compatible with games downloaded from other sources. The downside, however, is that they can result in the loss of save data.

Tips for Uninstalling Games

It is highly recommended to ensure your device is well backed up before trying to delete any game. You can do this by using the Time Machine application. Additionally, you should make sure your 3DS is loaded with the latest version of the game prior to deleting it. In some cases, previous versions of the game may not uninstall cleanly and will leave traces of the game behind.

It is also important to update the 3DS firmware after uninstalling CIA games 3DS. The firmware updates are known to fix bugs and glitches, so you want to make sure they are up to date. Furthermore, it is recommended to use a homebrew app such as Luma3DS to uninstall the CIA Games 3DS if you do not want the game to be available in the system. This is the most secure and efficient way of uninstalling.

Troubleshooting and Additional Help

In some cases, users may face issues such as the game not uninstalling despite having used the correct method. This can occur due to the 3DS being unable to connect to the Nintendo Network or due to the game having certain safeguards against being deleted. In such cases, users should contact the authorities at the Nintendo website and get help or assistance from the knowledgeable customer care staff.

Furthermore, if the game does not uninstall using the NSA app or with the FBI, the user can resort to the Luma3DS method of uninstalling CIA Games 3DS. This should effectively delete the game from the device without issues.


Uninstalling CIA games 3DS is not a difficult process and users can use the built-in FBI tool or the alternative methods mentioned in this article to achieve the desired results. It is important to abide by the guidelines given by the Nintendo 3DS website and to back up any important data on the device prior to deleting any game. If the game fails to uninstall despite following the correct method, users should contact the Nintendo support team.

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