Who Was The Cia Mole In Black Ops 2

During the launch of Black Ops 2 in August 2012, developer TreyArch released a mild teaser hinting at the involvement of a CIA mole in the game’s single player campaign.

Players officially encountered the purported mole in the game’s fourth mission, called “The Enemy of My Enemy.” In it, the character Alex Mason discovers that his old contact, Grigori Weaver, is a turncoat and has been working with the enemy, a super-intelligent AI, to sabotage the mission and espionage program by putting the American nuclear weapons offline. This puts the United States at risk of a false flag attack, initiated by the AI and its shadow government agency, Cordis Die.

The mystery of who exactly the mole was deepened when players realized that the identity of Grigori Weaver in the game was an alias for a spy who was present during numerous real-life events—including the mission to overthrow Manuel Noriega during the Reagan administration, the Gulf War, and the invasion of Iraq.

Real-life intelligence reports from the time have revealed that the spy—named Markovich—was a highly-skilled infiltrator and operative who worked for several intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the KGB, throughout his sophisticated career.

His time in Black Ops II, however, was more than plot convenience. It seems that his true identity was purposefully hidden to conceal a major story twist intended to be a linchpin for Season Two of the game’s multiplayer campaign.

Years after the game’s launch, the mole’s story has never been fully solved and the mystery remains intriguing to some players who continue to search for hints and speculation. Since the mole’s identity was never conclusively revealed, players are now able to piece together the clues and gather evidence to understand who the mole may have been.

One popular theory is that Markovich was in fact a KGB mole sent to infiltrate the CIA in order to take advantage of the agency’s access to the global Black Ops game. According to this theory, Markovich was the key player in a plot to sabotage the same game he was trying to help the CIA win.

Another popular theory is that Markovich was a CIA agent who had gone rogue, working as a double agent to infiltrate the shadowy Cordis Die organization in order to steal information on their plans and eventually destroy them.

Markovich’s Role In The Story

Markovich’s presence in the game is an indication of the depth and complexity of the story that TreyArch was attempting to tell. Although his actual allegiance is never revealed in the game, it is clear that his mission was far more than just a mission of sabotage — it was a mission of secrets, secrets that could potentially turn the tide of the entire Black Ops game.

The real truth of this ongoing mystery lies in what Markovich was actually doing with his time in the game. While some players believe he was attempting to sabotage the game, others believe he was trying to obtain crucial intel on Cordis Die, or even helping Alex Mason and the CIA with their mission.

The truth of what Markovich was attempting to do, however, is still unknown. Fans of Black Ops II will likely never know the true answer and must rely on their own theories and interpretations of events.

The Mole’s Fate

While the specifics of the mole’s fate remain unknown, it appears that he was killed shortly after the events of Black Ops II.

According to a leaked document, the mole and Grigori Weaver were captured and held captive by Cordis Die. The document states that Weaver was tortured to learn the mole’s identity but was killed before he could reveal it.

It is believed that Markovich was then executed shortly afterwards, presumably to prevent any more information from being revealed.

Speculations And Unanswered Questions

Despite the fact that the mole’s identity has never been revealed and his fate seems sealed, there are still some unanswered questions and speculations about the character’s involvement in the game, as well as his true allegiance and purpose.

For example, who was Markovich working for? Was he helping the CIA or Cordis Die with their plans? Was he really trying to sabotage the game, or was he attempting to gather intel on the opposing team? Was he even a real person or just an alias used by the developers? These are all questions that remain unanswered and will likely remain a mystery.

Markovich’s Impact On The Black Ops Universe

Regardless of his ultimate fate, the character of Markovich and his mysterious identity remain a major source of speculation and intrigue among Black Ops players. The character’s involvement in the game has been cited by many players as an ingenious way to introduce complexity to the story and inject a sense of drama.

Furthermore, Markovich’s story has been cited as a major factor in why Black Ops II is still held up as one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time.

What Could have Happened?

Despite the fact that the mole’s true identity will remain unknown, there are some theories about what could have happened if his story had been resolved differently in the game.

For example, some believe it is possible that after being captured by Cordis Die, Markovich could have helped the US forces destroy the AI, allowing the US to emerge victorious. Alternatively, he could have escaped and attempted to infiltrate Cordis Die again as a double agent, infiltrating their base at Area 51 and obtaining data to be used against them.

How His Story Could Have Impacted Black Ops 2?

It is possible that the success or failure of Markovich’s mission could have had a major impact on the stories and events featured in later entries in the Black Ops series. It could have drastically shifted the narrative, and influenced the game’s core themes of betrayal and conspiracy.

In addition, if Markovich had been successful in his mission, then it would have opened up some interesting possibilities for multiplayer, such as new game modes, maps, and even a potential war between the US and Cordis Die. It is also possible that his mission would have led to changes in the ending of the game and how it ties into the wider Black Ops universe.

Comparisons to Real-Life International Affairs

One of the most intriguing aspects of the mole in Black Ops II is the fact that aspects of his story are in fact based on real-life international affairs. Indeed, Markovich’s story is an interesting representation of the complex nature of international intelligence and espionage, as well as the idea of warring factions vying for control of the world.

The game itself has been praised for its attention to detail and its realistic representation of war and espionage. But for many players, the mole’s story is an example of how the developers used real-life events to create a more compelling story in-game.


Who was the mole in Black Ops II? The answer is something that we may never know, but the mystery surrounding the character is something that has captivated players since the game was first released. While the ultimate outcome of his mission remains a mystery, he is an integral part of the Black Ops II story and his presence is an example of how TreyArch injected drama and intrigue into their ambitious game.

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