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What is a Wet Team CIA? This is a term used to describe a specialized group of CIA agents hand-picked to carry out intelligence-gathering operations that are deemed too dangerous, or too sensitive, to carry out with conventional means. Wet teams are typically sent into hostile areas to disrupt clandestine activities and to gather intelligence through covert infiltration. In the intelligence world, a Wet Team is considered the “last resort” of espionage.
The term “Wet Team” stems from the Cold War era when CIA agents were referred to as “wet teams” because they would usually carry out clandestine operations in murky waters. While the term is still in use, the mission of Wet Teams has evolved over the years. They now include a variety of specialized operations, from infiltrating enemy territory to conducting undercover investigations.

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Wet Teams are often tasked with carrying out critical intelligence activities in dangerous environments. These activities can include infiltrating enemy lines, surveilling sensitive sites, and gathering data about potential adversaries.
The Wet Team CIA operates outside of normal diplomatic procedures, and the agents often have to take on significant personal risk to complete their mission. Wet Team agents can be found in all corners of the world, in some of the most unfriendly, dangerous places imaginable.
In certain cases, Wet Teams can carry out missions that are so secretive that even their own government may not be aware of their actions. Furthermore, the operation, once complete, is sometimes not revealed. This eliminates the need to provide an operation’s outcomes or the details of the mission.

Perspectives From Experts

In order to be successful, Wet Teams require highly-skilled professionals. They must be able to think on their feet, maneuver in hostile environments, and deal effectively with challenging situations.
Interactive Security International’s Chief Security Officer responded to the question “What are the skills necessary for a successful Wet Team CIA agent?” by saying:
“First and foremost, a Wet Team CIA agent must exhibit exceptional situational awareness and have an in-depth understanding of relevant international threats. It takes an experienced professional to maneuver in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous environments and remain undetected. They must understand the protocols surrounding covert operations, and be comfortable operating in hostile areas without detection.”


The Wet Team CIA plays an essential role in carrying out sophisticated intelligence operations. The highly secretive nature of their missions demands a level of opaqueness and security not generally required of intelligence operations. The Wet Team model is a valuable tool for intelligence gathering and has enabled the CIA to carry out highly sensitive and important operations in dangerous conditions.
The ability to carry out covert operations without detection is a critical requirement for Wet Team agents. They must possess advanced skills in intelligence gathering, operational security, and survival techniques in order to successfully complete their mission.


The capabilities of a successful Wet Team agent are vast and varied. They must have expertise in a wide range of topics, including weaponry, surveillance technology, and the ability to blend in to various cultures. Agents must also be able to quickly adapt to changing environments, while remaining focused on the mission objectives.
Agents must be able to quickly identify and debrief potential sources of intelligence, while also having the ability to assess situations quickly and accurately. They must also be able to move undetected and remain covert even under close scrutiny.


To ensure successful completion of a Wet Team mission, considerable training and preparation is required. Agents must receive extensive training in order to ensure optimal performance and safety during the mission.
This includes training in marksmanship, swimming, survival tactics, psychology, negotiation, improvisation, and counterintelligence. Agents must also be knowledgeable in international law and geopolitics in order to accurately assess risks when operating in hostile territories.


The Wet Team CIA utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment for their missions. This includes utilizing the latest in communications technology, intelligence gathering devices, surveillance systems, and weaponry.
Agents also have access to state-of-the-art aircraft, boats, and ground vehicles. The agents must be proficient in their use and understand the specific risks associated with each type of technology.

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection process for Wet Team CIA agents is notoriously rigorous and selective. Candidates must pass a series of physical and mental tests, as well as a thorough security clearance check. The inclusion of agents must be approved by the CIA, as well as other intelligence agencies.
Once selected, agents must complete an intensive training program to learn the necessary skills, tactics, and protocols necessary to successfully complete the mission. After successfully completing the program, the agents are ready for deployment.

Organizational Structure

The Wet Team CIA is organized into a team of three agents. The team is typically divided into the leader, reconnaissance agent and the support agent. Each agent has a distinct role and is responsible for specific tasks.
The leader is responsible for planning the mission and overseeing its execution. The reconnaissance agent is tasked with collecting intelligence and carrying out surveillance, while the support agent is responsible for providing back-up, equipment, and logistics.

Risks and Consequences

Due to the high-risk nature of Wet Team CIA operations, there can be serious consequences associated with failure. Agents must be aware of the potential risks and the long-term repercussions associated with the operation. In order to minimize the risk of failure, agents must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario and be prepared to take appropriate actions in the event of a mishap.
In addition to the risk of capture and death, agents must also be aware of the possibility of psychological trauma. Agents should be aware of the physical and mental risks associated with covert operations and take appropriate steps to mitigate the chances of such risks.

Technology and Intelligence Gathering

The Wet Team CIA utilizes a variety of technological resources to gather intelligence. This includes tapping into global and regional networks, setting up elaborate interception systems, and utilizing specialized satellite systems.
The agents also use advanced surveillance equipment such as airborne and underwater cameras, night-vision goggles, and infrared scanners. These technologies allow agents to gather intelligence from a distance, without being detected.

Rules of Engagement

The Wet Team CIA follows a strict set of rules of engagement during executions of their missions. Agents must adhere to a code of conduct to ensure that their actions remain within the confines of international and domestic law. They must also abide by the laws of the foreign nation they are operating in.
Agents are expected to take all possible measures to avoid killing enemy forces, and only use lethal force as a last resort in order to protect themselves or civilians. In certain cases, agents may be authorized to use lethal force, however, these cases are typically rare and dependent on the situation.

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