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With 3DS CIA, Nintendo 3DS owners have a new way to access games for their system. It’s an alternative to the typical digital download service found on the Nintendo eShop. With the use of custom firmware installed on the 3DS, users can import CIA files, which are then installed onto the 3DS. The CIA files come in two distinct types, major game releases and homebrew game programs.

The major game releases are basic versions of the games Nintendo publishes and makes available on 3DS systems. The CIA file will require users to purchase the game through the eShop to play the full version. These CIA files do not come with added content, extra levels, online gameplay, or other platform advantages. Instead, they offer a convenient way to store – and launch – the game.

The second type of CIA file, homebrew games, are programs created by developers to enable users to enjoy unique gaming experiences. Homebrew games are not available on the eShop and must be imported from other sites. There are a plethora of homebrew programs available, ranging from classic games like Pac-Man to more modern offerings with 3D graphics.

Unlike traditional digital downloads, users need to use a flashcart to install the CIA file. The flashcart will contain the game’s CIA file, and users need to download the flashcart onto their 3DS. Although homebrew 3DS games can be installed with other methods, a flashcard is the easiest and most secure way to ensure your game is properly installed and is your only method of acquiring major game releases in CIA form.

When installing a CIA program, users will first need to install the appropriate custom firmware compatible with the game or program they are attempting to install. Next, the users will need to copy the CIA file from the flashcart onto their 3DS. Finally, after inserting the necessary information, the user can run the CIA file and enjoy the game or program.

While many people using the 3DS may be hesitant to use the CIA option, there are some advantages to using this method. One advantage is that it can save users storage space. By using a flashcart and the CIA options, users can install multiple game titles without having to individually download each game. Also, rather than downloading a physical cartridge, users can keep their entire games library stored in digital format.

Another advantage is that the CIA option allows users to access a variety of homebrew and obscure titles they may never find on the eShop. Whether it’s an old game or a new title, users can find and install a variety of homebrew titles. Homebrew titles are not only fun, but they can also help to fuel creativity in 3DS game development.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of installing games via CIA are fairly obvious. On the one hand, 3DS users have access to a wide variety of homebrew titles that are not available on the eShop, which can lead to discovering unique and fun gaming experiences. On the other hand, the process can be tricky and a mishandled transfer can lead to the bricking of a 3DS. In addition, while users save storage space, they do not get access to any additional add-ons such as online gameplay, extra levels, or other platform advantages that come with an actual purchase.

Security Issues

With the spread of 3DS CIA, security has become a major issue. Since the CIA files are imported from external sources, it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the files. Additionally, the process of transferring a game or program to a 3DS is extremely difficult, and only those with the necessary expertise should attempt it. As with any transaction over the internet, it is possible for malicious actors to access the user’s 3DS, resulting in a loss of data, or worse, identity theft.

To ensure their 3DS is secure, users should only use reputable sources for importing CIA files. Additionally, any downloads should be scanned for viruses and users should never enter any personal information on a site selling CIA files. Finally, users should make sure their 3DS is up to date with any security patches and anti-virus software.

Comparison to the eShop

When comparing 3DS CIA to the eShop, there are a few key differences to be aware of. First, users do not get access to any additional content or online gameplay when using a CIA file, as they would when purchasing the game through the eShop. Additionally, 3DS users will not be able to purchase the game through the eShop if they have downloaded the CIA file. Finally, users must pay attention to the expiration date of their games, as they could be forced to re-download the entire game if the CIA file expired.

On the other hand, 3DS owners may prefer CIA files as they can make downloading large files much faster, as well as save precious storage space. Additionally, users have access to additional games and titles that may not be available or may not be compatible with their system. Finally, many 3DS owners may prefer the cartridge-style experience provided by the physical transfer of a CIA file, instead of the digital downloads available on the eShop.


3DS CIA is an alternative to the eShop for 3DS owners. While it provides users with access to a variety of additional titles and homebrew programs, care must be taken to ensure the security of the system and respect the expiration date of the games/programs. Ultimately, 3DS owners will have to decide if they want to take advantage of the convenience of the CIA option or stick to the digital download service.

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