Is Cia The Best Culinary School

Is CIA the Best Culinary School?

Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is one of the oldest and most respected culinary schools in the United States. Established in 1946, CIA has become one of the top culinary schools in the world. They offer professional degrees in both culinary and baking and pastry arts, and have a proven track record of excellence in the field, with graduates working in top restaurants and hotels. But is CIA really the best culinary school?
Before making a decision, it’s important to understand the criteria you should use for evaluating culinary schools. Factors such as quality of faculty, curriculum, facilities, and alumni are all important when assessing a culinary school’s merit. Additionally, it’s important to consider the end goal of attending a culinary school: upon graduation, do you plan to work in a professional kitchen or do you hope to open your own place? Your answers to these will help narrow down your options.
CIA boasts some impressive numbers when it comes to faculty quality and alumni. All CIA chefs are certified to teach in the state of New York and have impressive backgrounds in the industry. Faculty also include masters-level graduates, CIA students, and leading industry professionals. The Alumni Association consists of graduates from over 50 countries, many of whom have worked in major restaurant and hotel chains.
Getting into CIA is no small feat: admission involves an extensive application process, including a review of transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Once accepted, a student can expect rigorous training in the fundamentals of cooking. This includes sanitation, kitchen safety, nutrition and food science. The school also provides internships and externships for students to gain experience in the field.
In addition to their faculty and curriculum, CIA offers premier facilities. Their campuses are vibrant and modern, featuring some of the latest technology in the culinary world. For example, their Hyde Park campus has an expansive culinary library, demonstration kitchen, and food production facilities. Plus, their advisory board includes renowned names in the food industry.
CIA is not the only reputable institution in the culinary field. Other notable schools include Le Cordon Bleu and The Culinary Institute of America. Both schools can offer a quality education, but CIA certainly stands out with their long-recorded history and world-class faculty and facilities.

Faculty Quality

When it comes to faculty quality, CIA is at the top. Each of their faculty members has a wealth of experience in the culinary industry and is formally certified to teach in the state of New York. They also have a team of on-campus master chefs and students, who can provide additional support in the classroom. Plus, their new “promote-from-within” policy helps to ensure that each instructor is an experienced professional.
Their faculty don’t just have an impressive curriculum vitae; they also have strong relationships with students. They’re dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential and build their own unique lifestyle. From selecting recipes to creating special classes, CIA faculty provide guidance and mentorship throughout their academic journey.


CIA is renowned for their progressive approach to culinary education. They offer professional degree programs in both culinary and baking and pastry arts, as well as certificate programs for current chefs and professionals. These degree and certificate programs focus on the fundamentals of culinary arts, like kitchen safety and sanitation, but also provide training in a wide range of advanced topics.
In addition to foundational courses and advanced classes, CIA offers a range of specialized programs designed to meet the needs of their students. These include their Culinary Entrepreneurship Certificate, which helps aspiring business owners launch their own venture, and the Professional Baker Training program, which provides an extensive education in baking and pastry arts. With all of these programs, CIA can help anyone – from novice chefs to seasoned professionals – achieve their career and lifestyle goals.

Alumni Opportunities

CIA alumni have a competitive advantage when it comes to career opportunities. Their Alumni Association consists of over 50 countries, and many of CIA’s graduates have gone on to work in some of the top restaurant and hotel chains in the industry. Additionally, CIA hosts an annual Alumni Reunion to keep former students connected and up to date on the industry.
Alumni also have access to special discounts and exclusive events. This includes discounts on hotel stays and travel, as well as events like in-store demonstrations and industry networking. Plus, CIA is represented at major culinary events like the World Gourmet Summit and the Global Federation of Culinary Professionals (GFCP). So, even after graduating, CIA’s alumni remain connected to the school and its networks.


CIA has campuses in San Antonio, Texas, as well as in the Riverside and Spanish Hill areas of New York. All three campuses have modern resources and facilities, including a culinary library, demonstration kitchen, and food production facilities. They also boast their own student-run restaurants, complete with a full kitchen, dining area, and waitstaff.
In terms of safety, CIA is committed to the health and safety of its students and employees. They’ve implemented stringent safety protocols, such as social distancing and contact-free dining, to ensure a sanitary learning environment. There’s also a health clinic on-site for students and staff.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance

CIA’s tuition costs are a bit higher than other culinary schools, but they offer discounts and financial aid. The full cost of attendance, including tuition and living expense, is approximately $87,000, or $34,000 for their certificate programs. Additionally, the school’s military veterans can receive up to $8,500 in benefits.

Success Rate

CIA’s success rate speaks for itself. After graduating from CIA, students have achieved success in the culinary industry, working as chefs, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Graduates have opened their own restaurants, catering companies, and guesthouses, and many have gone on to teach in culinary schools. Additionally, the school offers career services to help graduates find jobs in the industry.


CIA is certainly one of the premier culinary schools in the world. From their faculty and programs to their facilities and alumni network, CIA offers everything a student needs to excel in the culinary industry. Not to mention, a degree from CIA can open the door to a world of opportunities, from working in a professional kitchen to launching a successful business. For those who want to take their culinary career to the next level, CIA is definitely worth considering.

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