How To Delete Cia Games 3Ds

1. Introduction

Games released on the 3DS platform can be quite varied in scope and content. Some, like classic Mario games, are beloved and remembered fondly, while others, like CIA games, are often forgotten. Where some may be of lower-quality, or even pranks, CIA games on the 3DS can provide unique experiences. However, if you have one installed on your system that you’d like to remove, it’s possible to do so with a few steps. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of how to delete CIA games 3DS so you can better manage your 3DS console.

2. Find the Right Software

The first step in deleting CIA games 3DS is finding the right softwareto do the job. The best way would be to look for a program specifically catered towards 3DS, such as the popular program called FBI. This program can be used to manage your 3DS, titles and apps, as well as install and delete CIA files. Once you’ve found the right program, it’s time to download and install it.

3. Understanding the Install Menu

After the program has been downloaded and installed, you’ll need to find and open the Install Menu. From here, you can select the CIA file you’d like to delete, then choose the Delete option and click Install to confirm your choice. After the file is deleted, it will be completely wiped from your 3DS’s memory. Be sure to also take out any related files, as this will ensure that the game is completely removed.

4. Reducing Memory Usage

Deleting CIA files can also help to reduce memory usage on your 3DS. Installing games digitally can end up taking up quite a bit of space, which can slow down your device. If you install more games than you end up using, deleting them can help to free up some valuable memory.

5.Opting to Reinstall

If at any point during the process you decide that you want to reinstall the CIA game, you’ll be able to do so without any issue. While the game will still be deleted, it will still be stored in the system’s save data. All you’ll need to do is download and install the game again and the game will be fully restored. This is a convenient feature for those who may be interested in trying out a game briefly and then deciding to remove it—without having to start from scratch.

6.Using an SD Card

Using an SD Card can also be helpful when it comes to deleting CIA games 3DS. Depending on how many titles you have stored on your system, you may decide to move some of them onto an SD Card instead of deleting them permanently. This is a great way to store games that you don’t want to play at the moment, but want to keep around for later.

7.Backing Up Data

Finally, it’s important to remember to back up your data. Depending on the game you’re deleting, there may be some data stored on the system that could be lost when the game is removed. In order to prevent this, you’ll want to back up any necessary data, as well as save data. This is especially important for online multiplayer games.


In conclusion, deleting CIA games 3DS is fairly straightforward, though be sure to backup your data to avoid any potential loss. With the right program, you can easily manage and organize your 3DS titles, freeing up memory and making it easier to find the games you want to play.

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