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Overview of HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is a scripting language used to build websites. HTML is a form of code that consists of tags that define the structure of a website. With HTML, you can organize content, add structure, and layout pages with headers and footers, bulleted lists, tables, images, and more. HTML also acts as an interface for users to interact with a web page – such as clicking buttons and links, filling out forms, and displaying multimedia.

Getting Started With HTML

If you want to get started learning HTML, the first thing to do is to find an effective tutorial like W3 schools free online resources. These tutorials provide a step by step breakdown of all the elements needed to create a basic web page. They also provide plenty of examples for each element for you to practice with. It is important to remember that there are multiple ways to write code and what works for one person, may not work for another. So, look around and find the tutorial that works best for your learning style.

Prerequisite Skills

Before diving head first into HTML it is important to have some basic understanding of web development. This can be achieved through familiarizing yourself with some basics such as web browsers, websites, and file types. Additionally, it is recommended to have some knowledge of HTML elements, tags, and attributes before starting as these are the building blocks of HTML and are essential to working with the language.

Writing Your First HTML Code

With a basic understanding of HTML, you are ready to start learning the syntax. This refers to the rules that you have to follow when writing HTML code. To get started writing syntax, open any plain text editor like Notepad and paste this code:

My First Webpage

Hello World!

This is the simplest possible HTML page that we can make. In this page, we are using various tags to organize and structure our page elements. HTML tags are used to describe the content and tell the browser how to render the page. Save the file and open it with a browser to see the results.

Using CSS With HTML

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is a style sheet language used to allow for the separation of design from content. CSS is used to style HTML elements and can provide a profound difference in how your page looks.
To use CSS with HTML, you need to link the two together. To do this you can use the

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