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A Angeloni & Cia Ltda, recognised as one of Brazil’s leading domestic suppliers, is an organisation founded in 1997 by the entrepreneurial Xavier Angeloni.

Although located in Sao Paulo, the company’s network covers the entire Brazilian territory, offering products produced and packaged directly in its own factories. Through strategic partnerships with important distributors across the country, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is able to meet the needs of customers in every corner of the Brazilian market.

The portfolio of the company comprises products such as food, toys, furniture, and homeware items. By using the latest technology, the organisation is able to ensure the quality and safety of all of its products, which is reflected in the satisfaction of its customers.

The key to the success of A Angeloni & Cia Ltda has largely been attributed to the clear and focused business strategy of its founder and CEO, Xavier Angeloni. His vision has enabled the business to penetrate deeply into the Brazilian territory and capture a strong market share.

Moreover, Xavier Angeloni’s commitment to the local communities has enabled the company to engage in social responsibility projects, such as sponsoring educational programmes, mentorship initiatives and participating in clean-up campaigns.

With an unwavering focus on delivering customer satisfaction, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda has become an established name in the Brazilian market for producing of high quality and safe products. Constant innovation in the form of products and services has allowed the company to maintain its competitive edge and set it apart from other domestic suppliers.


A vital part of the success of A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is attributed to the leadership of their CEO, Xavier Angeloni. His commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to business strategy has not only allowed the company to penetrate territories far and wide, but also to develop and maintain trust within the local community.

With an aim to establish a transparent and effective communication, the company works closely with their corporate clients to offer tailored solutions and personalised service, aiming to solve any challenge they may encounter.

Furthermore, the company is regularly engaging with their customers and employees in order to understand their needs and demands. This feedback process has led to the implementation of more efficient systems, such as those related to the supply chain and logistics.

By attributing much of the responsibility for decision-making to the respective teams, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is able to offer quick reaction to customer needs, as well as forging a strong team spirit across the organisation.

In addition, the firm holds values such as trust, responsibility and excellence at its heart, ensuring that the vision of their innovative and dynamic CEO continues to be realised.

Commitment to Quality

A Angeloni & Cia Ltda has built a reputation for its commitment to producing high quality and safe products. Recognised for its complete model of traceability, the company’s reliable and attentive supply service ensures that the customer always receives the products in perfect condition.

Moreover, the organisation’s factories are equipped with the latest technologies, while their commitment to quality is translated into constant technological innovation in order to meet the most demanding standards.

It is this dedication to quality that has enabled the company to become a dependable partner for many customers across Brazil.

Furthermore, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda places itself at the forefront of food safety standards and is certified by ISO 9002 and HACCP.

Their comprehensive knowledge acquired over the past 20 years has enabled the business to design tailored solutions that meet the demands of their customers. Such an approach to quality assurance has ensured the company has consistently maintained the confidence of their clients.

Environmental Sustainability

A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is committed to protecting the environment as part of its corporate social responsibility. Aware of its responsibility towards society, the firm is engaged in numerous programmes designed to minimise its environmental impact.

The organisation works with the latest fabrication techniques to reduce energy consumption, as well as optimised waste disposal and recycling processes.

In addition, the company’s efforts in the areas of sustainable growth and eco-design have been recognised by the Brazilian Sustainable Industry Council. The organisation has also been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, one of the world’s most respected stock indices for sustainability.

Through their commitment to environmental sustainability, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is making a positive contribution to the Brazilian market and helping to build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Marketing Strategies

In order to ensure the success of their products and services, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda utilises a number of traditional, digital and PR marketing strategies. With the help of experienced professionals, the organisation has developed customized promotional campaigns tailored to each of its clients and their respective target audiences.

The company utilises a variety of digital platforms, including social networks, Google Ads, and SEO, to reach potential customers. They also partner with influencers, who have the power to reach wide-ranging audiences and create online brand presence.

A Angeloni & Cia Ltda also invests in traditional media in order to reach the maximum number of people. This includes advertising on television, radio and printed press outlets.

To supplement their marketing strategies, the organisation regularly runs promotions and special offers in order to capture the imagination of their consumers and incentivise them to invest.

In addition, the company continuously strengthens its presence in the market, participating in trade fairs and visits to potential customers.

By investing in an array of marketing tactics, A Angeloni & Cia Ltdahas been able to establish a strong presence in the Brazilian market.


A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is renowned for its incessant search for new solutions, products and services. From the very start of its operations, the firm has held a strong commitment towards innovation and creating value-added solutions in the form of technological, operational and organisational improvements.

The company’s skilled engineers and designers develop solutions driven by customer requirements, enabling the company to offer innovative products and services that meet the needs of both individual and enterprise customers.

With a dedication to continuous improvement, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is a pioneer among its competitors in the Brazilian market. Its commitment to quality and innovation has enabled the organisation to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Moreover, the firm works closely with research and development centres in order to maintain its competitive advantage by introducing new solutions.

In addition, the firm has a well-equipped laboratory, complete with modern equipment, to observe the quality and safety of the products and ensure the highest standards are met.

By continuously researching and innovating new solutions, A Angeloni & Cia Ltda is well positioned to stay at the helm of the industry.

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